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Welcome to Garden Plotter, a new source on the web for garden planning and information. At Garden Plotter, we focus on the home gardener or small market gardener raising food for the family or for local sale. We emphasize organic methods and companion planting.

After registering, check your preferences to be sure your frost dates are set accurately. Then use the browse option to select plants you are interested in growing, and let the Garden Plotter create a planting schedule for you.

Thanks to Garden Plotter, you can have the knowledge and experience of the entire community at your fingertips! Join our forum and ask questions or provide answers based on your own experience. It will be our members that make this website successful.

Garden Plotter admins contribute information which can be easily shared and utilized by others. Use the Contact Us link if you're interested in being an admin.

Soon you will be able to use Garden Plotter's Quantity and Space calculators to figure out how many tomatoes or beans you'll need to plant to feed your family and how much space you'll need.

The Garden Plotter has several enhancements planned, including information on pests, diseases and companion planting.

Note: Garden Plotter is still under construction. Plant data (tomato, carrot, etc.) should be fairly stable with the exception of new plants being added. Cultivar information (Amish Paste, Danvers Half Long, etc.) may come and go while we develop data import methods. If you notice any errors, warnings, or funky behavior, please let us know!! Use the Contact Us link at the bottom of any page.