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annual - Plants that are started from seed and produce seed themselves within one growing season. -ltward
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dent corn - Most commonly grown type of corn; also called field corn. Good for feed and syrup, sugar, starch, oil. -ltward
determinate - Determinate tomatoes grow to a fixed size. All of their fruit ripens more or less at once. -ltward
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flint corn - Very hard, multicolored kernels. Used for autumn decorations, hominy, polenta, and masa harina. -ltward
flour corn - Starchy and soft kernels, used for making fine corn flour. -ltward
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hybrid - Hybrid seeds are the first generation offsprings of two distinct varieties of the same species. Hybrids may be sterile. More commonly, they will produce offspring but the offspring fail to breed true - that is, they differ from the parents. -ltward
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indeterminate - Indeterminate tomatoes continue to grow throughout the season; they are sometimes called vining tomatoes. -ltward
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open pollinated - A plant that is identical to its parent plants and, when pollinated with itself or another plant of the same variety, will produce seed that in turn grows into a plant with the same characteristics. -ltward
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sweet corn - Corn on the cob. Eaten like a vegetable, either fresh or preserved by canning or freezing. -ltward
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test2 - test -ltward
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